by providing training opportunities and employment in Artificial Intelligence


  • Jordan hosts 1.3 million Syrian Refugees, the 2nd Highest Number of Refugees in the World (89/1000 inhabitants)
  • 80% of the Syrians are living below the poverty line.
  • The overwhelming majority of refugees lack the sufficient professional skills to meet the market demands.


The AI industry needs to hire thousands of people who can perform specific functions in order to enhance the accuracy of AI solutions, e.g. self driving cars and voice recognition. Through Lifelong AI, a non-profit, we train refugees and match them with remote opportunities in the AI market. 

Our Approach

Self-driving cars
Lifelong AI is initially focusing its efforts on the automotive industry. In the long term, Lifelong hopes to provide services to all robotics and AI companies across all industries.

In order to plan for growth and scalability, we have taken a two prong approach that would allow us to initially provide on-site training to ensure proficiency in performing the AI image annotation work, and to later enable the refugees, some of whom are disabled, to work remotely.


Lifelong works with the most vulnerable refugees, the majority of whom have never used computers and technology before. We provide a step by step learning approach to introduce, utilize and tap into the power of technology in education and employment. We believe that having English proficiency and computer skills will open many doors to employment and education for the refugees. Our program focuses on providing and enabling our participants to:

  • Develop Basic and Advanced computer skills 
  • Become proficient in the English language.
  • Obtain work in the global technology sector.
  • The majority of our participants don't have computers at home, and never used a laptop before. Our training approach is divided into two levels: 

    Basic Computer Skills:

    • How to use Operating System {windows and linux}.
    • Become familiarized with the keyboard to be able to type fluently. 
    • How to create an email, and use all the functions of the email.
    • How to use the Google Suite (Docs, sheets, slides..etc).
    • How to  navigate the Internet and register for services.
    • How to register and utilize online learning resources including:  Khan Academy, Freecodecamp, and Udacity. 

    Advanced Computer Skills: 

    • Our qualified teachers provide free basic coding classes.
    • We train the participants to use general and in-demand technical and AI specific tools. 


    • Upon entering our program, we evaluate the level of English fluency for each participant. The majority of our participants start from level A0 (New Beginner). In cases where participants have a higher proficiency in the language, a customized class is  provided accordingly.

    Artificial Intelligence Image Annotation:

    • We train our participants to use image annotation AI tools to perform work for self-driving car companies. 
    • We train our participants to use mobile phones testing apps to perform mobile testing functions.


    Mohammad Musa
    Founder & Chairman of the Board

    Mohammad provides overall guidance and overseas the international development of Lifelong AI. Mohammad is the CEO of Deepen AI which focuses on AI tools and infrastructure for the Autonomous Development industry. 

    Tariq Jalili
    Co-Founder & Director of Humanitarian Outreach & Development

    Tariq manages Lifelong AI's Outreach and Development activities, working closely with local and international NGOs, and developing awareness and support for Lifelong's unique enablement and empowerment approach.

    Mujahid Sarsur
    Co-Founder & Managing Director

    Mujahid is currently running the operations of Lifelong AI in Jordan. Before Lifelong AI, Mujahid worked at Google's headquarters in the Silicon Valley where he managed the Middle East and Africa (MEA) affairs for the Legal Removals Team.

    Ismael Rumzan
    Co-Founder & Director of Technology and Training

    Ismael is the Lead Trainer and Curriculum Designer for Lifelong AI's coding program. He also oversees how the technology is effectively used. He has been in the field of educational technology since 2001 in canada and jordan.

    Farah Al Bitar
    Jordan Office Manager

    Farah is Lifelong AI's Jordan Office Manager. Before joining Lifelong AI, Farah worked as a social worker at Unicef's Makani Center where she was responsible for creating a safe environment for refugee children. Farah has experience working with multiple humanitarian organizations

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