by providing training opportunities and employment in Artificial Intelligence

                                     Technology Providers is one of Lifelong's main partners in Jordan. 

Technology Providers Mission

Technology Providers targets Syrian refugee women in Amman, Jordan. Displacement and lack of access to quality education and employment left most refugee women in a very vulnerable situation. Still, refugee women have shown high degrees of motivation for education and employment. They are resilient and are capable of overcoming challenges. Our project  enables refugee women to undertake advanced training in English and computer skills that will in turn facilitate their employment in the online Artificial Intelligence sector.   

Alumni Engagement Innovative Fund 2018 

Through a grant from the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund 2018, Technology Providers and Lifelong have been able to recruit thirty vulnerable Syrian refugee  women, who are currently getting trained in English and computer skills. Once the women have sufficient skills, they will be matched with online work opportunities in the Artificial Intelligence industry.  


Farah Al Bitar, 27, from Homs, Syria. Farah lost her husband during the war, and is the mother of two children, Ro'a, 7; and Mo'ad, 5.  

Farah hopes to pursue a PhD. 

Aside from the income we earn from doing work for AI companies, the project opened our aspirations and allowed us to learn English and computer science.

Aya Alzahouri, 19, from Homs, Syria. Aya is currently a freshman in college studying English Literature.

Aya plans to become  a translator.

I love the whole project, and I appreciate the skills that will enable us to succeed in the future.

Nora Hason, 31, from Homs, Syria. Nora is a single mother of two children, Rahaf, 11; and Mohammad, 9.

Nora hopes to establish a career to support her family. 

I love the project because it allows us to earn income to support our children and it teaches us English and computer skills.

Hanan Motlaq, 25, from Dir'a, Syria. Hanan is a single mother of three children, Ibrahim, 10; Saleh, 10; and Yasmen, 3.

Hanan hopes to become fluent in English.

The program is unique because we are able to do work from home and earn income for it. We also get to learn English and computer skills.

Wala Kirshi, 15, from Homs, Syria. Wala had to quit her school in fourth grade during the war, and remained out school since then.

Wala is one of the most passionate participants in our program.

The program gave me another chance at education.

Ola Khalaf, 28, from Homs, Syria. Ola's husband was kidnapped during the war five years ago and his location is still unknown.

Ola hopes to get the chance to contribute to rebuilding her home country, Syria. 

I feel comfortable with Lifelong AI. The work was easy to learn and flexible. I find the English classes helpful, and it is nice to get exposed to computer programming 


Mohammad Shalan, Founder

Mohammad is a project manger in an international medical company. In 2016 he joined Civic Engagement Studies at Bard College in New York , which inspired him to get indulged in the social and civic engagement field. Mohammad was responsible for the main coordination and management activities between the implementing partner Lifelong AI on the one hand, and the funding organization on the other. To maintain the sustainability of the project, Mohammad is responsible for seeking further funding opportunities to finance the project's extension. In addition to his work in this project, Mohammad believes and supports initiatives and projects that promote refugees' and women's empowerment.

Muna Shalan, Co-Founder 

Muna is a researcher and urban planner.  Upon concluding her research fellowship at the University of Virginia and the Center of International Private Enterprise in Washington DC , she intensified her activities in the field of civic engagement . She collaborated with colleagues to implement several initiatives and projects that serve social inclusion and economic equity in the MENA region. She utilized her knowledge and experience gained through her  extensive work on livelihood programs for refugees in Jordan to formulate the Technology Providers project proposal. Furthermore, she was responsible for monitoring and evaluating the project's implementation process and the impact analysis. The project aimed at promoting educational and employment opportunities for refugees in the artificial intelligence sector and was funded by the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund.

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